The 4T2™ Broadcast Multi Probe bmp3000 is an integrated measurement instrument with Spectrum Analyser, Tracking Generator, terrestrial T2 receiver, ASI and IP interfaces.

   Operated mains-independently through the built-in LiIon battery, the 4.5 kg instrument provides all functionality to setup transmitter networks, verify coverage, and generate compliance protocols thereafter.

   Using the latest in Windows 10 tablet technology, an unparalleled performance to price ratio has been achieved, unleashing for the first time the full potential of the 4T2 Content Analyser in an ultra-portable system.

   With the 4T2 Broadcast Multi Probe, the next generation broadcast equipment has arrived.

4T2 Broadcast Multi Probe bmp3000

Datasheet 4T2 Broadcast Multi Probe 3000
Presentation 4T2 Broadcast Multi Probe 3000
Manual 4T2 Broadcast Multi Probe 3000

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presentation download

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