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   The 4T2™ Portable is the next generation portable instrument supporting multiple digital modulation standards.

   At only 8kg, the integrated receiver, demodulator and decoder combines highest portability with field-proven ruggedness.

   Always pushing the envelope, the Coffe-Lake processing platform enables the 4T2 Portable to perform many functions entirely in software that other vendors implement through proprietary hardware.
 (*i7 6-core, m.2 SSD, 16 GB DDR4  RAM, Win10  64bit, 1440*900 15.4" screen, hdmi,
3 USB3, 2 GbE)

   The 4T2 Portable is a future-ready instrument,
with cost effective upgrading options over the entire life-span.

4T2 Portable

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4T2 Portable
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