Drive-by coverage measurements aim to verify the coverage area of existing terrestrial transmission networks. The data derived shall help in refining used coverage prediction models.
   Multiple measurement-runs allow to document the influence of different climatic conditions during seasons, or man made factors (vehicle reflections & noise) to the reception quality.
   Integrated drive-by testing of up to 4 RF-channels is available in the 4T2 Portable
   The instruments contain up to 4 DVB-T/T2 capable receivers. Key performance parameters together with position information from the global positioning system (GPS) can be automatically logged to file for subsequent analysis. Furthermore, the results are visualised on the go by superimposing selected values on a map of the area.
   KML/KMZ export allows the results to be post-processed using a variety of 3rd party mapping products.


Drive-By step by step guide

T2 Coverage Analysis

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Presentation Coverage

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