March 2018:
4T2 Content Analyser now with DVB-Teletext and DVB-Subtitles displays
One more step to making the 4T2 Content Analyser a complete and universal measurement tool for broadcast distribution networks

February 2018:
ABC Scheduler now part of the 4T2 Content Analyser package
The easiest way to control and supervise multiple instances of the 4T2 Content Analyser supporting round-robin features on tight budgets

January 2018:
Coffee-Lake platform has been adopted to all 4T2 measurement instruments
The latest generation computing platform, with all new motherboard, DDR4-RAM, m.2 disk and 6-core CPU gives a 20% performance increase compared to previous systems.

December 2017:
4T2 Content Analyser includes Group Of Pictures analysis up to H.265
This new feature allows in-depth analysis of GOP length and I,P,B-frame transmission.

October 2017:
4T2 Content Analyser with revised SNMP control mechanism
Detailed measurement results are available for DVB-T2 and DVB-S2. New set of MIB- files is part of the installer.

September 2017:
ibc Amsterdam
This Year, Advanced Broadcast Components is again displaying the latest designs and products in Hall  2.C31 in cooperation with Nyetec, our official UK distributor.

September 2016:
ibc Amsterdam
This Year, Advanced Broadcast Components is again displaying the latest designs and products in Hall  2.C31 in cooperation with Nyetec, our official UK distributor.

August 2016:
4T2 Content Analyser is now 64bit
The latest DVB-T2 developments in Germany and around the world using H.265 encoded material as well as 4k UHD satellite transmissions, require significantly more memory for analysis and display compared to previously used broadcast standards. The new 64bit 4T2 Content Analyser does away with 32bit limitations of around 1.5 GBytes per program instance. Now with multiple Terabytes of addressable memory space, the 4T2 Content Analyser enables Multi-Viewer experience without a limitation on number of services.

July 2016:
4T2-bmp 1000 Broadcast Multi Probe ultra-compact measurement instrument
Connecting through USB3 to any modern Laptop Computer, the instrument measures IP, ASI, and DVB-T/T2 RF parameters at the highest quality level.

May 2016:
New Expert Functions for Broadcast Multi Probe and  4T2 platform
Group Delay, Spectrum, CCDF and Impulse Response are now available for above platforms through a new and improved tuner/sampler/ASI board. The combination with the 4T2 RF-Analyser application enables broadcasters to perform these measurements even with their laptop computer. OEM enquiries for this technology are welcome.

March 2016:
Skylake platform adopted to 4T2 Portable and 4T2 Rack instruments
The latest generation Intel CPU with corresponding motherboard gives thermal advantages in the portable and confined 1 u housings while maintaining superior processing speeds required for multi program decoding of H.264 and H.265 content.

January 2016:
XTASI-RF gen.2 shipping in quantities
As an evolution of the ultra-compact XTASI-RF DVB-T/T2 USB dongle, the generation 2 device is using a SiliconLabs tuner/demodulator combination that addresses  main  weaknesses of it’s predecessor:
- improved sensitivity through high performace linear supply voltage regulator
- high input signals capable,  working with 0 dBm
- support of the DVB 1.3.1 standard
- very low power consumption, resulting in less heat and better battery life of the driving  computer
- only single isochronous transfer pipe per receiver required. Up to 8 devices can share one USB root hub.

4T2-bmp 3000 Broadcast Multi Probe improved mains independant operations
With the new 6.6Ah Lithium Polymer battery and vastly improved charger and load-share electronics, up to 3 hours of high performance multi-viewer measurements and visualisations can be done without access to mains power.

November 2015:
4T2-bmp 3000 Broadcast Multi Probe is shipping
IP, ASI, T/T2 Receiver, Common Interface, Spectrum Analyser, Scalar Network Analyser up to 4.4 GHz, Portable with LiPo Battery, 4.5 kg, Windows 10 Surface Pro IV integrated. Content Analyser with RF performance MER 40+ and MultiViewer, Coverage Analyser with Antenna Factor and GPS-mapping with kml/kmz export.

September 2015:
ibc Exhibition a huge success
Advanced Broadcast Components
celebrated their 10th anniversary this year by demonstrating their latest in test & measurement solutions to clients throughout the world.
Products on display were the XTASI line of interface modules that enable to evaluate satellite and terrestrial networks with a portable computer.
The flagship 4T2 product benefits from the latest processor upgrades to support an even higher number of services to be decoded at the same time compared to previous models.

August 2015:
NyeTec appointed UK distributor for Advanced Broadcast Components
NyeTec established in 2003 and based in UK supplies DAB and DVB Test Equipment for the development, test and broadcasting of digital television and radio services. Not being tied to any specific manufacturer NyeTec offers impartial advice, customer focused support and the right product to meet customers’ needs (

June 2015:
TelLink appointed German distributor for Advanced Broadcast Components
TelLink is a company working mainly in the field of satellite supported telecommunication. TelLink supplies and integrates systems, which are set up to conform to customers specific needs and is capable of supplying not only sub-systems, but also complete satellite ground stations in the form of Turn Key Projects (

May 2015:
Omniwave appointed Greek distributor for Advanced Broadcast Components
OmniWave Ltd. Broadcasting & Telecommunications Systems established in 2005. OmniWave activities are the study, design, supply, systems integration, installation & maintenance of electronic systems and equipments for private and public sector companies. OmniWave is certified with EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System (

Romtek appointed Romanian distributor for Advanced Broadcast Components
As a re-seller of world renowned broadcast manufacturers, Romtek has also the system capabilities required for world class customer support (


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